Our values and vision

At Aurex Constructors, we stand by our values which are quality, responsibility, tenacity, integrity and teamwork. We strive to deliver excellence in all that we do. 

We champion excellence by living our core values everyday

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. We take responsibility for our words and actions. We are tenacious and do not give up. Quality underpins all we do. Teamwork is the unifying force that integrates and amplifies all our values, fostering a strong sense of togetherness.

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Our values at Aurex Constructors


At Aurex Constructors, we strive to deliver uncompromising quality in all aspects of our business and operations.


We act responsibly and work hard to build trust with all our stakeholders. We ensure that our people are safe while on the job, that we work towards growing the industry and that we follow all legal regulations and standards.


We are bold, brave and determined to meet our goals while challenging the status quo by doing both what is expected and what is right. Our team is unwavering in their quest to deliver the very best solutions.


We are committed to working ethically and delivering on our commitments and promises. We work hard to ensure there are open lines of communication with all stakeholders and that everything we do is in line with what is right.


We believe in the power of collaboration and working as a team. By combining our unique skills, experiences, perspectives, and personalities we create synergy. We are stronger together.

Aurex Team

Our vision

Our vision is for the business to be recognised as a leading construction, turnarounds and maintenance service provider that is trusted by our customers to deliver agile and innovative end-to-end solutions.

We understand that our vision needs to extend past just our business and to the industry as a whole. There is so much potential and opportunity within the energy sector and we have a responsibility to grow this dynamic sector through skills development and mentorship.

Our Integrity

At Aurex Constructors we value integrity. If you witness or know of any wrong doing, suspect improper business practices or unethical behaviour within our company we urge you to report it. We are here to help you.

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