A business rooted in integrity

Aurex Constructors prides itself on integrity, and this is carried through to every aspect of our business and operations. To us, integrity symbolises honesty, ethical principles, compliance, and a commitment to doing what is right, not only what is expected. To ensure that these principles are carried through the business, we have created the Aurex Constructors Integrity Programme.

What does an Integrity Programme mean to us?

An Integrity Programme centres on a compliance programme and a commitment to ensuring that the business and its stakeholders comply with relevant legislation and standards. In addition, it is a commitment to ensuring that, as a business, we are doing things the right way and enhancing transparency and accountability.

Our Integrity Programme outline

The Aurex Constructors Integrity Programme is based on three main principles that include prevention, detection and response that aim to ensure the business commits to all regulatory requirements. This programme helps us engage with stakeholders and facilitates an understanding of what our business regulations and due diligence practices are.


We take a proactive approach to prevent any non-compliance. This is done by implementing policies and educating employees through training with the aim of promoting a strong compliance culture and providing a greater understanding of the key elements that impact business integrity, as mentioned below:


As a business, we have built in controls in our various functions within the business that are set out to detect any contraventions within the compliance framework. We have made this a simple process by implementing a whistle-blowing hotline where all stakeholders are encouraged to “Speak-Up” if they feel there is a lapse in compliance in relation to any of our standards, regulations or codes of conduct. 


If there are any contraventions identified, we will do our part to respond with the appropriate investigation and disciplinary action. We take violations of our compliance programme very seriously and will do our utmost to address and rectify any wrongdoing.

Our Integrity Hotline

At Aurex Constructors we value integrity. If you witness or know of any wrong doing, suspect improper business practices or unethical behavior within our company we urge you to report it. We are here to help you.

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